Guanko Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel.
In order to maintain the quality of accommodation for other guests and the rights and interests of other furry pets, pets are only allowed to stay in Pets Friendly Room.
Please inform us ahead that you are bringing a pet so we can better arrange for you. If you violate the content of the agreement (EX: not bringing your own stroller or pet cage in the public area, urinating in the room... etc.), we will refuse your stay and a pet deposit of $3000 will be forfeited.

Pets Compliance Agreement:
1. A deposit of 3,000 NTD will be collected when check-in.  Deposit will be refunded after checking out if there is no damage in the room.
2. During breakfast time, you can bring your pet to "pet-friendly dining area" with you.  (use stroller, carrier or wearing diaper on leash is a must).
3. In public areas (for example: guest room corridors or sky garden), please use a stroller or a pet carrier. If your furry pet is on a leash, please wear a diaper to avoid defecation. A cleaning fee of $1200 will be charged.
4. When taking the elevator, please shorten the leash to avoid your furry pet under danger or likely disturbing other guests.
5. Do not let your furry pet go on to the bed.
6. Please take your furry pet to urinate outdoors
7. Please do not use bath towels to wipe your furry pet or shower inside your room. A cleaning fee of 1,000 NTD will be charged.
8. Before entering the room, please wipe the feet of your furry pet (please bring your own cloth towels).
9. Please don't let your furry pet scratch, bite or damage the furniture and floor in the room. Or the full deposit will be confiscated.
10. For the sake of safety and the quality of accommodation for other guests, it is forbidden to leave your your furry pet alone in the room.
11. Please bring your furry pet own sleeping pad, stroller, leash and other appliances needed.
12. Although We welcome pets, you will take any responsibility for your furry pet.
13. Please do not let your furry pet bark inside your room. If this causes troubles for other accommodation guests, you will be asked to check out and leave. The payment for the room will not be refunded. Please pay special attention!
14. If you are staying with your furry pet, please inform us at the time of booking. If you do not inform us ahead, an additional $5,000 NTD cleaning fee will be charged.
15. Except for guide dogs in point 1.2.3 above.