Pet Friendly Room Package

This Pet Friendly room allows flurry pets to stay with rest of family members.

Air purifier and a freshly made meal specially made to your flurry pets are provided on site.

Pet-friendly room reminders:
●Meal sets are designed to provide different nutrients for pets and cannot be designated.
●Each flurry pet will receive a deposit of $3,000 in advance, and the deposit will be refunded after checking out when no damage. ●Pets owners must comply with the "Pet Compliance Checklist".
●The room rate includes a cleaning fee of $300 for the first pet.  Each additional pet will be charged $300. 
●The meal set is made of fresh food, suitable for dogs and cats, and the owner can enjoy it as well.  $250 will be charged for the purchase of additional meal set.
● Meals can be arranged to deliver to guest room provided from 17:00 to 19:30.
●Pet Friendly room also provides a free changing mats (1 piece/ per room).  Please contact our front desk.

※The leafy vegetables used on the plate are decorations for the meal, and it is not recommended for your flurry kids!!