To maintain the safety of all guests and service personnel, Chiayi Guanko Hotel has taken the following measures, please rest assured:

1. Employees take their body temperature on and off work, wear masks, and maintain good self-health.
2. Regularly use alcohol to disinfect areas frequently touched by guests, and provide alcohol for guests.
3. Every passenger needs to take their body temperature, if the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, we will refuse to check in.
4. All passengers staying in the hotel adopt the real-name system, and each person staying in the hotel must bring ID to check in.
5. In addition to alcohol disinfection, the hotel rooms are disinfected with an ozone machine every day, which really decomposes germs in the air.
6. Regularly outsource disinfection manufacturers to control vector mosquitoes.

Breakfast meals will be provided in accordance with the dining principles announced by the Chiayi City Government. If dine-in is prohibited, meal boxes will be served.
Kindly reminder: Guanko Hotel is not an anti-epidemic prevention hotel, and can not accommodate travelers who need to be quarantined.During the epidemic period, you must wear masks, wash your hands frequently, and maintain social distancing in public places. To protect your own safety is to protect your loved ones!