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●How to get to Alishan?
(1) By train:The Alishan Forest Railway between Fenqihu station and Chiayi station re-operated on September 1th, 2017.  The current operation schedule offers only one schedule from Chiayi station (9:00am Departure) to Fenqihu station (2:00pm Departure) on weekdays. For weekends and holidays, there are additional two schedule trains. Please call 886 5 225 6918 at 08:00-16:00 for tickets booking.  For details and train schedule, please visit https://goo.gl/fP237C
※Route between Fenqihu station and Alishan station is not operating.
(2) Visit Alishan National Scenic Area website for detail information: https://goo.gl/YRHdHV
●When was Guanko Hotel open house?
Guanko Hotel was built in 2012.  A brand new hotel complies with international hotel standard.
●Are there any recommending tourist spots around Guanko Hotel?
Guanko Hotel offers varities of travel packages including Chiayi City one day/ half day tour, Alishan one day tour and Sakura one day tour.
For more information, please check out our package offer on our website.
●Which highway intersection is closer to Guanko Hotel?
Sun Yat-sen Freeway Chiayi Exit is the closest intersection.  About 10 minute drive from the intersection to our hotel.
For more location information, please check out Getting Here on our website.
●Does every room have window facing outside?
Yes, all rooms have window facing outside with certain city view.
●Do you have rooms equipped with bathtub?
All rooms are equipped with window-enclosed shower area.
No bathtubs available.
●Is everything close by?
Local shops, coffee house, convenience stores and street vendors are just around the corner.  Everything is in walking distance.  
●Do you offer free parking?
We have private parking lots complimentary to our hotel guests.  One is located right in front of our hotel.  The other one is about 50 meters walk.
●Do you offer vegetarian dish for breakfast?
Yes, we have vegetarian dish on the menu. Please inform Front Desk when check-in.
●What should I do if I leave something in the room?
Please contact us at 886 5 2318 111 or email us at reservation@guanko-hotel.com.tw.  We will have someone assist you.
●How much for an extra folding bed?
Extra folding bed with amenities and breakfast is $600NT.
●Do you have any baby equipment?
We have baby bathtubs, baby cribs and electronic steam sterilizer with limited quantity.  Reserve ahead is recommended.  Deposit is required.
●When is reservation available for Chinese New Year?
Reservation will be available in 2~3 months before Chinese New Year.  Please call 886 5 231 3777 for more information.
●What would happen to my deposit if I cancel my reservation due to typhoon warning?
Due to typhoon warning or any uncontrollable natural disaster, the deposit could be hold and kept for your next reservation.
●How to join your Affiliation Guest Club?
We offer special promotions to our Affiliation Guest Club.  Please contact us at 886 5 2318 111 to join our Affiliation Guest Club.
●How to get to Guanko Hotel from Chiayi train station?
Guanko Hotel offers our guests with free shuttle service pick up from Chiayi Train Station.  Please reserve pick up service at least 3 days in advance.
●How do I go to Wenhua Rd. night market from Guanko?
Taking a taxi to Wenhua Rd. night market is highly recommended due to parking difficulties. Commute time is approximately 5-10 minute drive.  Rate is around $150NT.
●Do you offer dinner selections?
Yes, please check out our Dining option for selections.
●How long does it take from Alishan to Guanko hotel?
Our hotel is located in Chiayi City.  It is approximately 2.5 hrs. -3 hrs. drive.
●Does there bus run from Sun Moon Lake to Alishan?
The Taiwan Tourist Bus offers shuttle buses from Sun Moon Lake to Mt. Ali.  Check out Alishan National Scenic Area website for detail information: https://goo.gl/YRHdHV

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